Parents' Information

Place Allocation

Once a place has been allocated for the term, you are entering a contract with Do Re Mi confirming that you require care, and will pay for this. If for some reason you change your mind once your place has been booked or care has started, you will need to give a half-term's notice.

Children who start after school care with Do Re Mi will receive priority in allocation of places for the following term. Towards the end of each term you will be asked if you would like your place to continue and if there are any changes to sessions required.

Arrival and collection procedure

A register will be produced weekly based on your termly booking. If there are days that you know that you will not be requiring care please inform us by email or phone. If you could also let us know if your child will be attending any after school clubs prior to coming to after school care. Children will be registered upon their arrival.

Please come to the classroom door in the playground to collect your child. You will be asked to sign your child out on collection. On the online registration form, please indicate which adults are authorised to collect your child, and a password in case a different person needs to collect. Please note, we cannot allow children to go with under 16's.


A variety of activities will be available each night that children can access independently such as:

  • Small world
  • Lego
  • Construction
  • Table top arts and crafts
  • Board games
  • Outdoor play

There will also be staff-led activities such as:

  • Interactive story-telling
  • Songs and rhymes
  • Lycra games
  • Organised outdoor games
  • Arts and crafts


Children may have been given homework by their teachers. There will be the opportunity for this to be completed at after school care. If you would like your children to do this, please indicate on the registration form, and if you would prefer they completed it at home please specify.

Electronic Devices

In-line with Neville's Cross Primary Schools policies, electronic devices can be brought to after school care. Please indicate on the registration form if your child will be bringing a device, what it is, what they are allowed to use it for, and a time limit. Please note that Do Re Mi accept no responsibility for loss or damage of such devices.


Do Re Mi will follow the school's policies with regard to safeguarding concerns. In relation to after school care, we will require to know the names of authorised adults for collection and have a password system in place should another adult need to collect.

Medication and illness

Again, we will follow the school's procedures on this. If a child is unwell or requires medical attention, parents/carers will be contacted. If medication is to be administered we will require a letter from parents detailing the name of the medicine, the amount to be administered and at what time, and signed.

Accident and Incident procedures

There will always be a first aider present at after school care. Should an accident or incident occur whilst your child is in our care, they will take action as per our policies and procedures. An accident/incident form will be completed for you to sign upon collection. If the nature is more serious, you will be contacted immediately.

If you would like to speak to us direct please call us on 0191 447 0907 or alternatively you can make an online enquiry.