Outdoor Learning: Do re mi Forest School Adventures

“Encouraging and inspiring individuals through positive outdoor experiences”
do re mi outdoor learning

What is Forest School?

Forest school is based on the process of learning than on the content – more on the ‘how’ than the ‘what’. Children are encouraged to direct their own learning, come up with their own ideas and follow through with these in the woodland area. Children are given the freedom to explore with their friends, investigate exciting objects they find, and discover more about the natural world around them. Forest school is led by the children’s interests within a loosely structured framework of intended outcomes that builds on the interests and curiosity of the boys and girls.

Children are encouraged to make their own judgements about risks, this enables children to experience managed risk to make their own decisions and therefore help produce a more confident individual in life.

Forest School at Do Re Mi

Our Forest School sessions are led by Louise who is Forest School level 3 trained. We take the pre-schooler children (those preparing to transition to school) in small groups of eight to local woodland areas to explore the natural environment. These sessions take place at a variety of locations including Addison Park, Holiday Park and other local woodland areas. We also focus on helping the children to gain life skills such as road safety, visiting local places such as public libraries, Durham castle and using local transport such as buses.

do re mi Forest School

What kind of things will we be doing at Forest school?

Each week we observe the children to see what their interests have been before deciding what to do the next week. We hope to give our school leavers a fabulous and memorable last few weeks before going off to school in September.

do re mi outdoor skills
  • Exploring the natural world.
  • Exploring seasonal changes.
  • Encouraging social skills, encouraging children to work together and solve problems.
  • Encouraging the children to take safe risks.
  • Encouraging the children about water/river/road safety.
  • Learning life skills.