All children are allocated a 'key person' who oversees their pastoral and learning needs, monitors progress and evaluates activities to ensure continuous and holistic development. Valuing parent partnerships, feedback is given on a daily basis. We have online learning journeys, which means you can look at photos of what your child has been doing in nursery and their progress 24/7. In addition, parents are encouraged to support their child's learning by sharing their child's interests and activities from home. Individual parents' meetings give parents the opportunity to participate in determining the next learning steps, ensuring we all are involved together in the child's learning and development.

Going Green

At do re mi we want to ensure that children are aware of being eco-friendly wherever possible. In the nursery children are involved with growing their own vegetables and composting. They will be made aware of not wasting water and other resources. We have solar panels on our roof and even the ♫do re mi car is electric! As adults, the best way to educate the children in being as green as possible is to model it! Therefore, we decided that one big thing we could do was reduce the amount of paper we use. Wherever possible, communications will be sent to parents via our online ‘parentadmin’ system. Regular updates of key information will also be available on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our parents' information board. If you need a paper copy of something though, do ask.

For further information please contact us.

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